What kind of person are you?

Confused on who you really are? Need to find out what people like you are like? Take this quiz and find out! You'll endure harsh, but realistic questions proving who you are and what type of people to hang out with.

Bored? Take my quiz and see how you live your life when nobodys looking! Can also be used as a clique organizer and places you into the right group of people!

Created by: bob

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you do after school?
  2. what kind of clothes do you were?
  3. what do you have planned for your future?
  4. what talents do you have?
  5. whats your favortie store?
  6. favorite food?
  7. i am...
  8. lets get this done with one last question! who is your idol?
  9. just kidding more questions! good qualities anyone?
  10. YAY WE ARE FINALLY HERE THE END! favorite car. (i know its random just go with it)

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?