can we be alike in anyway possible?

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are you like me? I'm not sure but that's what this quiz if for. these are some of my main things I like. mabye we could become really great friends by this quiz. you never know.

we could talk forever if possible if you get a good resault. but that's all up to you. the quiz taker. you have the power to be like me or not. but it's all up to you.

Created by: bla city

  1. do you like the moon or even a full moon?
  2. how do you feel about the city?
  3. you like vampires and other things like that?
  4. if your crush, if you have one, really liked you and you knew it. but, they then stopped liking you the way they did, what would you do?
  5. you just got home from school and you have tons of homework and there's this hudge party. do you go?
  6. which you think are you most like?
  7. do you watch tv or even own one?
  8. do you tend to fall for green or brown eyes?
  9. do you like paris?
  10. do you watch vampire diares, if so, which guy do you like?

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