Homophones (words that sound alike)

There are lots of words that sound the alike but they are spelt differently. These are called homophones. They sound the same but mean different things.

Have a go and see if you can figure out which homophone goes where. the first set of questions you need to find the mistakes and the second set of questions you have to decide which homophone is the right one.

Created by: lauren

  1. cynthia had such a pane in her heal it maid he grown.
  2. Fred was so greedy he ate a hole current cake without offering anyone else a peace.
  3. tome had such huge mussels he could lift too cars with his bear hands.
  4. the drunkard spent the night in a prison sell and was find four using fowl language
  5. tom went two a zoo and saw a peacock with a beautiful tale
  6. can you fill in the missing word? come over ..... said john hear/here
  7. can you fill in the missing word? the girl .... her hairbrush to her friend passed/past
  8. can you fill in the missing word? ...... of the boys ran in the race. to/too/two
  9. can you fill in the missing word? she didnt know what to .... to the party. where/wear
  10. can you fill in the missing word? the silly .... forgot what spell to use which/witch

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