Can u survive:My next part .by Cooling

Can you survive my next quiz ? That is the question , that is in my mind right now ! If you are able to do this , it must be easy for you to survive .

Are you confident , brave , smart , courageous ? Take this quiz to see if you are one of those , and remember there is no cheating in this one . Lets see .

Created by: cooling
  1. If you are a goal keeper , and a ball comes rapidly towards you. What would you do?
  2. You have been shot on the hand,what would you do
  3. If you were faced with a monster.Would you lose hope?
  4. Did you ever have a fight with a bully?
  5. Do you cover your face while watching a scary movie?
  6. Do you challenge people ?
  7. Do people respect you?
  8. Do you hate blood?
  9. Are you scared of pet animals?
  10. Are you a confident person?

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