Can u hang out with Cinder Fall Paredes

Do u realy know me u can find out now bye taking this test and I know a lot of people don't read this part of the quiz but i hope u have a good day or year but good bye and have a good day

Half of the people don't even read the 2 part of the quiz for this but I hope u do know me and I hope u have a good year and good bye have a nice day

Created by: Cinder fall 101

  1. Am I like a dark soul
  2. Do I like dogs
  3. Do I like anima
  4. What's my favorite anami
  5. What's my other favorite anami
  6. What's my full name
  7. What's my favorite color
  8. Other favorite color
  9. This year 2014 what biogerfy person am I doing for reading class
  10. What are my friends names
  11. How many friends do I have
  12. What's my friend name
  13. Name for friends and the other questions are about my friends names
  14. @&&
  15. @&&
  16. @&&
  17. Other friends I have

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