Can I Guess Your Favorite Animal?

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This is a fun quiz to see if I can guess your favorite animal. I doubt I'll get it right, but just take it and see! You never know till you try. Do you think I can guess your favorite animal? Comment if I got it right!

Is your favorite animal a fox, cat, dog, horse, wolf, bird or bunny? Take this quiz to find out! Out of those animals, which one is your favorite.. don't tell, I'll guess!

Created by: FennecFoxie_Paws

  1. What would you like to see the most?
  2. What's your favorite color? (Out of these)
  3. What name sounds most appealing to you?
  4. What's the cutest animal feature?
  5. What's your best ability?
  6. How do you sleep?
  7. What color is your hair?
  8. What animal sound can you make best?
  9. What do you want to eat?
  10. Last question, how would you rate this quiz? (This does not effect your score)

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Quiz topic: Can I Guess my Favorite Animal?