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This was my first quiz, so I hope you enjoy it. I worked hard and this isn't fully accurate it's just for fun. Wolves are smart, quite fast, and in a way just like dogs! Foxes' are smart, sly, and awesome!

Cats are amazing, and sneaky! They know every hiding spot and can be hungry..always.. they have extremely sharp claws that can cut you in one slice. They are basically just little lions!

Created by: FennecFoxie_Paws

  1. How do you feel about meat?
  2. There's a problem, which kind of friend do you call?
  3. How would you react if a needle poked you in the arm?
  4. What color is your hair
  5. Are you fine with watching over siblings?
  6. If you were a wolf, which rank would you probably be?
  7. If somebody bullies you what do you do?
  8. How do you sleep?
  9. How much do you eat?
  10. Last question, what color are your eyes? (Or most like)

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