I might be able to guess your favorite animal.

I BET I CAN GUESS YOUR FAVORITE ANIMAL... if not then i guess this quiz is not for you. But i hope you enjoy it... I made this for fun not because i was bored and had nothing to do.

I made it so you can enjoy new fun quiz's! As i said before i hope you enjoy this quiz and i worked hard on this. Istagram @ryderpinkyninja so enjoy this quiz cause i enjoyed making it.

Created by: Ryder

  1. What is your age
  2. Favorite color is....
  3. This might be cheating but whats your favorite animal
  4. Whats your favorite letter
  5. Whats your favorite video game
  6. gender
  7. What food do u like?
  8. Favorite subject in school
  9. What do u LOVE doing
  10. What element are you

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Quiz topic: I might be able to guess my favorite animal.