camping in the woods...part 1

it a love stoary its not done yet tho... oh just take it !!!!!!!!!!!!! why read this? no won doies take the quiz take the quiz take it take it take it !

take the quiz take the quiz plz i think your like it ! key word might as in you might hate it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it

Created by: crazy person

  1. you are going camping.
  2. while your geting food, water, clothes and all that. its raining. oh joy you think to yourslef now i dont have to go camping . '' ( put your name here ) get down here we are going in five min. ''said your mom. '' ok but why do we have to go in the rain ?! '' you said '' its going to stop any min. now '' said you mom '' fine fine fine''; you say.
  3. soon your in the car then BOOOM!!!!!!!!! what do you think just happend ?
  4. '' we are ok just hit a rock.. a big won '' your dad says '' big what do you mean by big ? '' you say '' come on out of the car i need to see whats wrong '' you dad says. so you go in the woods and find a nicklase its sliver with a blueish - greenish gem . and two drak gray gems on both sides. wow you think its like magic and then BOOM black out.
  5. '' ( put your name here ) are you ok ? '' you mom says '' yes '' you say . ( you got hit by a rock ) '' ok.. '' your mom says and soon your in your tent sleeping . then its morning . you eat breakfist what do you get ?
  6. soon you remember the necklase and get it out and put it on . ( NOTE : IT WAS IN A BOX !!!!!!! )your in the woods and you go to the lake then.... cliffhanger lol
  7. how do you like it so far ?
  8. fave color ? dont kill me !
  9. do you like youtube

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