Camp Jupiter or Camp Half-Blood

You can not decide which camp is better for you? Then you should take this quiz! Whit only few questions you will know where you belong. Good luck!🤗🤗

Just relax and begin the quiz ! Thank you . This quiz is for the people thet have read percy jackson and heroes of olympus the rick riordans books.

Created by: Dijana

  1. Choose a weapon
  2. Bath or shower?
  3. Do you prefer dryadas or auras?
  4. Choose a color
  5. What do you rhink about the ocean/sea?
  6. Would you like to join the Hunters of Artemis/Diana?
  7. What is your opinion of Octavian?
  8. Would you rather be with your siblings or with your associates?
  9. Atena/Minevra
  10. And last did you like the quiz?

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