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This quiz is one of those quizzes where you are the main character but in this case yo are in Percy Jackson world. That's right Percy Jackson fans get ready for some love story drama.

This quiz is one of those quizzes where you are the main character but in this case yo are in Percy Jackson world. That's right Percy Jackson fans get ready for some love story drama. Just so everyone knows I'm new at this.

Created by: Kitty Cheshire
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  1. Okay first I'd like to mention a few things about me and the story. Ok so I am new at this so don't be surprised if there are any errors. And in this story your name is Rebecca (nickname=Becca). You look exactly how you look now except for the outfit so yeah. Anyway, if you are a boy this is NOT the quiz for you. And none of the answers are supposed to count . Ok bye my little kitties for now! : )
  2. You were walking down the hall with your best friend Jamaica when the ground started shaking. Suddenly the wall on your left collapsed and in its place stood a Cyclops.(No it's not Tyson for those of you who know him).
  3. "Becca kill it!" Jamaica yelled. "Your a demigod you can do it!"She said ducking behind a table. Jamaica tossed you a sword. "What?!" You asked catching the sword yet questioning her sanity. The cyclops grabbed a boulder and threw it at Jamaica who got knocked out. "JAMAICA!!" You ran towards her nearly getting hit by two boulders. You checked and saw that she was still breathing. Although her forehead was bleeding. You ripped of the sleeve of your shirt and rapped it around her cut. You turned to face the cyclops. Fury burning in your eyes. You didn't care how big it was or if it was even real. NOONE hurt your friends and didn't pay for it. You picked up the sword and charged the Cyclops. You slashed, ducked,and jabbed and when you were done with it, it was a pile of dust. Exhausted and covered with cuts and bruises you dropped the sword, fell to your knees and then you passed out.
  4. "Hey, wake up American Ninja Warrior." A familiar voice said. You woke up in a cot and a smiling face stood above you. "Jamaica!" You said tackling your friend in a rib-crushing hug. Jamaica held an ice pack to her head and gave you a one arm hug. "Can't breathe." Jamaica choked. "Sorry. Wait where are we?" You released your friend.
  5. "We're in Camp Half-Blood. A safe camp for demigods to train." Jamaica said sitting on the edge of the bed. "What are you talking about all that stuff is just-" Jamaica finished your response saying,"Just a myth. Was that Cyclops just a myth? Am I just a myth? More importantly, are you just a myth? Becca this may be hard to believe but all that stuff is real. The gods, the monsters, the gods kids all of it." You sat next to Jamaica. After a moment of silence you broke it by saying,"So I'm a demigod." Jamaica nodded. "Then who is my godly parent?" You ask starting to believe her. "I don't know Becca. It all depends on who your mortal parent is." Jamaica confessed. "Well my mortal parent is my Dad so-" Jamaica cut you off again. "Meaning that your Mom is a goddess but I don't know which one it could be Demeter, Athena, or maybe even Hecate." She explained. "Oh." You said in a quiet voice.
  6. "Here drink this." Jamaica said handing you a cup of what looked like honey/apple juice. "What is it?" You say carefully taking it. "Nectar also known as the drink of the gods. Only demigods can drink it. It tastes different to everyone who drinks it. For me it tastes like my sister's chicken soup." Jamaica explained. You took a sip and it tasted like...
  7. "Wait so you're a demigod?" You asked. Jamaica nodded in response. "Aren't satyrs supposed to save demigods and stuff?"You asked. "It's a long story and Chiron told me to show you around camp. Come on!" Jamaica grabbed your hand and dragged you outside where the sun shone brightly. To your left was a large strawberry field and a slight breeze blew the sweet scent of ripe strawberries their way. Jamaica showed you the volleyball court, the woods, the beach, and the big house. You met a few other people and made some friends.
  8. After showing you the lava wall, Jamaica introduced you to a blond girl named Annabeth who was arguing with a guy with black hair and sea green eyes named Percy. "Becca I'd like you to meet Annabeth and Percy."Jamaica smiled. "Annabeth, Percy this is Becca my friend that I had to bring to camp." You say...
  9. Either way you said hi and they said hi back. "I almost forgot! Chiron wants to talk to you. He's waiting for you at the archery range." Annabeth said. "Oh. Can you take over the whole tour thing for me? I showed her everywhere except the metal shop, the arts-and-crafts room, and the cabins. Thanks bye!" Jamaica ran off without waiting for a response from Annabeth.
  10. "Ok then." Annabeth said watching Jamaica go. While Annabeth showed you some of the cabins,(for example Demeter,Apollo, and Hepheastus) you could've sworn you saw Percy glance at you a couple of times. You decided to ignore it and your mind drifted off to who your parent could be. You silently hoped it was...
  11. Your train of thought was broken by a girl flanked by three other mean ugly looking girls (ugly on the inside) saying, "Well,well two newbies. It's my lucky day." The girl had stringy brown hair and wore an XXXXL camp t shirt. "Clarisse, why don't you go polish your spear or something." Annabeth sighed. "Sure so I can run you through with it Friday night." The girl sneered. "Erre es korakas!" Annabeth said. Which you somehow understood was Greek for 'Go to the crows!' though you were pretty sure it was much worse than it sounded. "You don't stand a chance." Annabeth continued. "We'll pulverize you." Clarissa growled though she looked as though she wasn't sure if could follow through on the threat. (Most of this is from the real book)"Let's all just calm down and quit making death threats." You say stepping in between them.
  12. Clarisse glared at you intensely but you kept your cool. "What are you my therapist? Stay out of this Miss Peace Maker." Clarisse directed her next question at Annabeth."Who are these runts anyway?"Clarisse said she and her friends sizing you and Percy up.
  13. "Percy Jackson,Becca Kingston meet Clarisse, the daughter of Ares."Annabeth said. "You mean as in the god of war."Percy blurted out. "You got a problem with that?" Clarisse narrowed her eyes. "No it explains the bad smell."He said and you had to cover your smile with your hand. "We have an initiation for newbies, Prissy and Becy" Clarisse stepped towards them. "Clari-" Annabeth was cut off by Clarisse who said,"Stay out of it wise girl." Percy looked ready to fight but Clarisse grabbed both you by the hair and Percy by the neck and dragged you toward a cinder block building which you immediately knew was the bathroom.
  14. It smelled like a porta potty that had been soaked in sewage then used and not flushed by someone who had diarrhea. I know completely nasty but true. Clarisse flung you into the arms of one of her friends. You struggled and twisted but couldn't break free. It was like they had iron grip. You watched helplessly as Clarisse slowly shoved Percy's head towards the toilet. Percy was so close to being dunked but then the pipes, exploded.
  15. Water sprayed, no never mind not sprayed,blasted Clarisse in the face (serves her right) arcing over Percy not a single drop getting on him. The person holding loosened their grip in shock which took advantage of. You quickly grabbed their hands and their bandanna and tied her hands together then shoved her towards Clarisse. Next you dove into a stall for cover locking the door behind you. You stood on a toilet and watched over the stall door as the water from all the showers, sinks, and other toilets including the one you stood on exploded. They soaked Clarisse and her minions along with poor Annabeth. Clarisse and her gang got blasted out the door. All the plumbing appliances shut off and you unlocked the door rushing out the door behind Percy and Annabeth the water splashing under your shoes.
  16. Outside Clarisse and her friends were on the ground coughing and spluttering. A crowd of campers surround the scene. "I'm going to kill you Jackson you little-!!!" Clarisse growled you cut her off saying...
  17. You,Annabeth, and Percy leave the scene in silence. Annabeth showed you a few more places. "I have to get something real quick." Annabeth said shortly as she led you two into a grey cabin with an owl on the door. Inside most of the space was taken up by maps, desks,projects, and weapons. All the bunks were pushed against on side of the cabin as if sleep didn't matter. Annabeth went over to the bunks to look for something. "Is it just me or does this place look like a brainiacs workshop?" Percy said.You laughed and said "More like a mad scientist lab." This time it was Percy's turn to laugh. You grinned and kept making names for the cabin. Later you and Percy went over to Annabeth who was now talking to a guy with blond hair and grey eyes looking at a map.
  18. "-so we could set him on border patrol." Annabeth said. "Yeah and then when-" Percy coughed to get their attention. Annabeth and the blond guy looked up from the map. "Oh um Malcolm this is Percy Jackson and Becca Carter. Percy, Becca meet Malcolm." Annabeth said. "Hi, nice to meet you." Malcolm shook your hand and then Percy's. "Can I talk to you outside for a sec?" Annabeth asked Percy. Percy and Annabeth left you together with Malcolm. "Wait are you working on battle strategy?" You ask.
  19. "Yep. Can't figure out how to lead the other team off our trail." Malcolm ran his hands through his hair. "Hey why don't you draw the strongest over there," You said pointing to one spot on the map."And then surround the rest and attack from all angles." You finished. "That actually might work." Malcolm said thinking it over. "What about defensive strategy?" He asked. You thought about it for a moment. "Destroy anything that might be useful to them, put some of your best people near the flag the rest out in the field. And if any thing goes wrong with the offensive strategy delay them with casualties and well, just delay them." You said. Malcolm looked at her for a few seconds with a weird look on his face. "You could definitely be a daughter of Athena. How do you know so much about battle?" He asked with admiration coloring his voice.
  20. "My older brother is in the navy so whenever he comes home he talks all about stuff like that." You answered sincerely. You and Malcolm talked about a few more strategies and soon that conversation drifted off that topic. You and him got to know each other a bit and then Annabeth said it was time to go.
  21. Your last stop was the Hermes cabin. As you walked in Percy tripped and you caught him. There were a few snickers and Annabeth said,"Welcome to Cabin #11." "Regular or undetermined?" Someone called out. "Undetermined." Annabeth replied and everybody groaned. "Now,now campers is that how you say hello? Welcome to cabin 11. Percy you have that spot on th floor over there and Becca you can take over there." A guy said. He looked pretty cool and was tall and muscular , with short-cropped sandy hair and a friendly smile. He wore an orange tank top, cutoffs, and sandals. The only thing that flawed the image was thin white scar that ran from next to his eyes down to his cheek. "I'm Luke and I'll be your counselor for now until you're claimed." Luke's eyes lingered on you for a couple seconds."How long will we be here?" Percy asked. "Good question, until you're determined." Luke answered. "How long will that take?" All the campers laughed. "Come on, I'll show you the volleyball court." Annabeth told Percy. "I've already seen it."Percy reasoned. "Come on." She grabbed his wrist and dragged him outside leaving you behind.
  22. A few seconds later, the cabin's laughing came to an end. Everyone went back to talking, some of them continued to stare at you as if they were in shock or something. You walked over to the spot Luke had given you and sat down. "Hi." Luke said coming over to you. "Hey." You said smiling at him which he returned. "How are you adjusting to... you know the whole, one of your parents is a god thing?" He asked sitting next to you. "I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. I mean, if what I know is true then it can really dangerous but this place is pretty awesome." You said leaning your back against the wall. "Even all the bad things?" Luke asked looking at you with an expression you couldn't figure out on his face. You faced him and said,
  23. Let's go with the first one or any other yes answer. "Wow that sorta amazes me." Luke replied. "Oh I heard from someone earlier did you and Percy really take on the Ares cabin?"Luke asked. "Well technically it was a plumbing thing but yeah we did." You talked for a while and you soon leave to go find Percy and Annabeth. As you pass the cabins you hear someone call out,"Hey look there she is!" You turn around and see...
  24. Two guys heading towards you from the Ares cabin. "You've got a lot of guts showing your pretty little face around camp after what you did to our cabin." One of them said. You say...
  25. "You disgraced our cabin and now you and your nutty friend Prissy are gonna pay for it." The other one said. For a second all you saw was red and when it cleared you had them pinned up against a wall by their throats choking them. "I didn't do anything except stick up for me and my friend and if you two bozos and your cabin have a problem with that deal with it." You growled and with you released them and walked away. As continued to walk you noticed some people staring at you and whispering. "Wow that was pretty impressive." A voice said. A guy sitting on a bench got up and made his way towards you. "Well someone's got to put them in their place and it didn't look like that was going to happen anytime soon." You said. "I'm Lee, Lee Fletcher. You must be Becca." He said. "How do you know my name?" You asked. "Trust me everybody knows you. Plus I would remember seeing a beautiful girl like you around camp." Lee smiled. You blushed repeatedly and you were about reply when a conch horn sounded. "Looks like it's time for dinner. I'll see you around Becca." Lee walked to his cabin.
  26. You arrived at the dining hall and sat at the Hermes table. You saw Percy and sat next to him. "Hey Percy." You said smiling. "Hey Becca."Percy replied smiling back. "Percy!" A voice said behind you. "Hey Grover." Percy said. Just behind you stood a guy with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He was scrawny in a cute way. "Grover meet Becca. Becca this my best friend Grover." Percy said."Hi." You said. "Hi." Grover said nervously. After eating it came time for the campfire and so everyone headed for the amphitheater.

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