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Bullet For My Valentine,the metal band from Wales.Many people like the band,but how many people actually know the music? How many people can honestly say they are atrue BFMV fan?

Now, it's your turn to test yourself on that.Are you a true BFMV fan? Find out now with my quiz! Answer and read all questions carefully and answer wisely.

Created by: Lee Leedy of Vampirefreaks
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  1. What song are these lyrics from? "Lord, I can't describe the look inside my eyes.The more I try to look away,the more I'm starring."
  2. Which lyrics come from the song Tears Don't Fall?
  3. Fill in the blank."Why do you take it all? Why do I beg for more? I never thought that this is how I'd______"
  4. "Fingers running through my hair,but it's all just fiction.She steps out____"
  5. What lyrics are from Your Betrayel?
  6. Which song did BFMV remake?
  7. "I'm coming home.I've been gone for far too long.Do you______?"
  8. Which song is the lyrics from? "That time is here again,prepare to be apart.And it drives me crazy."
  9. Which lyrics come from the song Deliver Us From Evil?
  10. Which song is this? "The bed we f****d in smells the same and now the stench is faded.The taste of you inside my mouth remains..."
  11. What song is this from? "Hold me.Show me.Bring me to my knees.So as the fire burns and the tables turn.We never rest in peace."
  12. Which album is the song Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow from?
  13. fill the blank."There's a stain on my hand and it's____"
  14. Which song is this from? "Only the lonely can possibly know me."
  15. Which lyrics come from the song Room 409?
  16. What song is this? "Will I just fall to peices? Or am i alright? To iron out my creases,you must lacerate me until I die."
  17. Which album is the song Waking The Demon on?
  18. Fill in the blank."There's not much longer so don't try and fight.My body's weakening,walk____"
  19. Which lyrics come from the song 10 Years Today?
  20. Which year did The Poison come out?

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