J-Pop Song, Which One Are You?

Have you ever wondered what J-Pop song you are? If you don't know what it is, it's Japanese Pop Music, and one of my favorite kinds of musics! This quiz will give you one of the five of my favorite songs!

Which song are you? Slow, fast, or in between? Don't know? Find out here! I'll bet you'll be happy to find out! XD Have fun!

Created by: Arimoko
  1. Which of these bands have you heard of?
  2. Which of these symbols would you draw a picture of?
  3. What colors would you use in those pictures?
  4. Do you know Japanese?
  5. If not, where would you go to find the English Lyrics of a song?
  6. Have you seen InuYasha, the Anime Series?
  7. Who is your favorite character?
  8. Would you ever take a quiz to find out which InuYasha character you are?
  9. Are you going to rate?
  10. Will you come back to see any other quizzes I make?

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Quiz topic: J-Pop Song, Which One am I?