Which Aesthetic Song best Suits Your Aesthetic?

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Looking for some new aesthetic songs to fit your new aesthetic life? Well, I have a few that might suit you! just answer some questions and I'll introduce a new creative, fun, and unique song to you!

Mix and match answers to get different songs! There are seven in total. Make sure to check all of the them out if I've failed to meet your standards! Also, check out the artist's other songs too!

Created by: AA
  1. So you've got an aesthetic in mind? Great! Pick one of the following aesthetics...
  2. What's your overall aesthetic outfit?
  3. Female voice or male voice?
  4. What tune/lyrics do you want your new favorite song to have? (It's mood or feeling)
  5. Which one of these words best suits your personality?
  6. Which one of these four zodiacs from these four elements suits you? (Sorry if your zodiac wasn't included)
  7. Which youtuber are you familiar with and/or enjoy watching?
  8. Stuffed animals or no stuffed animals?
  9. Pick an abbreviation that you like!
  10. And finally, what would you like to eat?

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Quiz topic: Which Aesthetic Song best Suits my Aesthetic?