What song are you

There are poeple who think they know what song they are, there are peole who have a song they want to be. but is that song really your song??? Find out!!!!

Before my quiz, we were wondering if we were akon or MJ. But this quiz brings you to the next level of music. IU have included music from genres and artists ranging from Taylor swift to Usher & B.O.B.

Created by: Jamie
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  1. What is Usher's son's name????
  2. What is Taylor Swift's middle name???
  3. What nationality is David Guetta??
  4. Do you like public speaking and debating??
  5. What is this song of Rhianna's called??
  6. What was the 1st Q that was on this page??
  7. What i ur most veiwed video on youtube??
  8. Have you read the book when i was joe by keren david or after by sue lawson??
  9. What is the missing word in Kesha's 'Take It Off' "N-now we're getting so smashed. Knocking over trash cans. Eurbody breakin' bottles It's a __________ hot mess. Gonna get faded
  10. have you ever had a dog??

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