How well do you know your "Les Miserables" song

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There are a few people who earn the right to say they are truly obsessed with "Les Miserables". A "Les Miserables" crazy would know every word of every song.

Are YOU truly obsessed with "Les Miserables"? Do you know every word of every song? Well you can only hope you do because you are about to find out! Good Luck!

Created by: Annakatcarey
  1. "And the waves crash on the sand,..."
  2. "I was born inside a jail,..."
  3. "But the tigers come at night"
  4. "And here he comes like Don Juan"
  5. "They will wet themselves with blood"
  6. "The rain that brings you here is heaven blessed"
  7. "Do I dream? I'm awake"
  8. "I am one with the gods and heaven is near"
  9. "Did you see them going off to fight?"
  10. "He is young. He's afraid"
  11. "And I can hear them now"
  12. "Without home without a face to say to hello to"

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my "Les Miserables" song