Buffy Big Bad Brainstormer

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quiz. I have seen and taken a lot of quizzes relating to this show. Some very good, some very bad, this one I hope to have made challenging for you.

Big Bads define a season but how much do you know about them? 20 questions to show your knowledge about Buffys' season defining villians. Good luck, you'll need it!

Created by: Chris Randall
  1. Lets start you off easy. Glorificus was the Big Bad for which season?
  2. Name the Big Bad for Season 1.
  3. The Mayor of Sunnydale, Big Bad for Season 3, but what was his full name?
  4. In season 2, Angel loses his soul and reverts to Angellus, and takes his place as the Big Bad. But in which episode is his soul lost?
  5. The First Evil, Big Bad for the final season of Buffy, but first made an appearance in which season?
  6. Who was responsible for the creation of the Big Bad in Season 6?
  7. Adam, the Big Bad for season 4 came equipped with a retractable wooden skewer, which type of demon did this come from?
  8. Buffy has died how many times due to Big Bads?
  9. The Mayors ascension will turn him into which Old One?
  10. What tool normally effective against vampires, does not hurt the Turok-Han released by The First Evil?
  11. Who kills Glory?
  12. When Faith is discovered by the Scoobies to have switched sides, what two words does the Mayor use to try and cheer her up?
  13. The Master is the leader of which cult of vampires?
  14. Who stops Drusilla from interfering with Buffy in her final fight with Angellus in Becoming Part 2?
  15. The Ritual of Joining, used to empower Buffy to defeat Adam, called on the powers of Spiritus, Animus, Sophus and Manus, which translates to what?
  16. Angellus was sired by?
  17. How did The Master kill Buffy in Prophecy Girl?
  18. Dark Willow used which popular Wizard of Oz quote which sends Buffy running?
  19. At the end of the first episode of season seven "Lessons", The First Evil appears to Spike, whose form does it assume first?
  20. How many Big Bads did Buffy kill?

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