Bruno Mars Quiz 2013

I love Bruno Mars, he is my idol & hopefully hes yours too. Bruno loves every single one of his fans! Because, she waste our money on concerts & buy lots of accessories, or even vote till our fingers hurt, thats a real Hooligan right there. Show the love (:

Are you a REAL Hooligan? In this quiz you'll find out if you are. I believe its not hard well hopefully. Ha, just kidding! Just take the quiz & see your results till the end x ~ A REALL HOOLIGAN

Created by: Dennya of this site
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  1. How tall is Bruno ?
  2. What is Bruno's new album ~2013~
  3. How old is Bruno Mars ?
  4. Wheres the sexy beast from ? (;
  5. Bruno Is a ....... ?
  6. What is Bruno's tour name ? ~2013~
  7. Whats his real name ?
  8. Whens Bruno's Birthday ?
  9. Which family member plays the drums for Bruno ?
  10. Whos is Peter's Bestfriend/Back-up singer ?
  11. Who are the "The Lylas"
  12. Who inspires Bruno?
  13. Which Bruno's family member dies recently? RIP :C
  14. Which Bruno's family member dies recently? RIP :C
  15. How many Albums does Bruno have?
  16. Which Instruments does Bruno use?
  17. What age was Peter named "Bruno"
  18. True or False All Bruno's family can sing or play intruments?

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