How much do YOU love Bruno Mars??

hey!!! Okay my friends always make fun of me for loving famous singer/song writer, Bruno Mars so much. I know that other people also know all the facts about Bruno just like me. So this is my first quiz (im 12)and its about 12 cool facts about Bruno Mars.

It's a quiz... you know what to do, don't you? You answer the questions about Bruno Mars as best as you can and then we'll see if you know enough to win a cookie. But you won't get the cookie. K bye.

Created by: Lexie

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  1. What is Bruno Mars' REAL name?
  2. When was Bruno Mars born? (Birth Date)
  3. Where was Bruno Mars Born?
  4. How many sisters does Bruno Mars have?
  5. How many siblings does Bruno Mars have?
  6. What is his favorite color?
  7. How many brothers does Bruno Mars have?
  8. How much do I love Bruno Mars?
  9. How did Bruno Mars get his nickname "Bruno"?
  10. Hi.
  11. WAS THIS QUIZ GOOD!!!! (i'm 12 so don't be so hard pls)

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Bruno Mars??