BRITNEY! (how well do you know me?)

There are many smart peopoe, but few true britney geniuses. a britney genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. A britney genius is somebody who has great knowledge about their good friend, me! Truthfully, this is just a silly quiz i made up tonight to take my mind off of crap. enjoy!

are you a britney genius? take my quiz and find out! (and now i will include some words that don't mean anything about the quiz because i am required to make this paragraph longer-i hope you have enjoyed this important message )

Created by: bgm7ulb
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where did I grow up?
  2. What college did I go to?
  3. What's my favorite food?
  4. Where do I work?
  5. What is my favorite sport to watch?
  6. What color are my toenails?
  7. What kind of car do I drive?
  8. What are sister and homeboy's real names?
  9. What is my favorite Pro Football team?
  10. What is my favorite Movie?
  11. What is my favorite TV Show?
  12. What is sister's dog's name?
  13. What is my roommate's name
  14. What high school did i go to?
  15. How many proms did i go to in high school?
  16. Who was my childhood best friend that i khew from the womb?
  17. What does D.O.E.S stand for?
  18. Who was the A in P.H.A.T?
  19. What is my quest?
  20. What is my favorite drink?
  21. Where do i go to think?
  22. What do i like to watch in the summertime?
  23. i love to cook
  24. i can drive a manual car.
  25. i love drama.
  26. I enjoy going out to eat.
  27. I love road trips.
  28. i love animals
  29. i have red couches
  30. i love my job
  31. i have too many shoes
  32. i love iced mocha frappachino.
  33. i love cell phones
  34. i own my house
  35. i can play the guitar
  36. i'm tired of thinking of questions to this quiz

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Quiz topic: BRITNEY! (how well do I know me?)