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  • The results said that I had 0% chance of being bored out of my skull. I found the test limiting, unable to measure when I am bored and even bored out of my skull.

    I need variety at work (not necessarily excitement)--work is something I feel forced to do for food--, and so engaging in work that presents me with novel situations and allows me to use a range of skills that I enjoy using, keeps boredom at bay. Otherwise, work is like living death. And so school, another forced situation where people wanted me to engage in monotonous behaviors, I felt tortured. At home, on the other hand, I am happy with monotony because it is not forced monotony.

    This test measures none of that.

    Also, when left to my own devices, I only remember being bored once in 58 years. It is around others that I am likely to be bored by small talk, although I am likely to be interested or find interesting anything that interests another person if the other person shares a passion/interest. At home, in my own head, I am quite content. I know this to be true because the time I was bored was during this 10 year period where I have been disabled and isolated from people. My brain was quite entertaining (to me) even while I was bedridden for years. I guess I naturally do things on my own that others do to relieve themselves of boredom without having the feeling of boredom.

  • Maybe i misunderstood this test but it seems it confuses to things:

    - how many interest someone has

    - how fast you are bored by the things you have to do

    If i had nothing to do i wouldn't be bored at all. However, almost all the things i have to do for university (or school a few years ago) are so damn boring.

    If the test somehow should combine these two things it seems somewhat/fairly accurate (45% is what i got).

  • I felt like this was very short and very limiting. It gave me a 6% but I think that is way off and I also don't believe you can measure this kind of thing with a simple percentage based off of yes or no questions that don't even dig very deep.

    Most of these questions need actual answers. Not just yes or no, true or false.

  • I am so easily bored that i have even found this test boring, and at a certain point i have just chosen options without even reading the questions. Now i am writing thi comment and i find it so boring i don't think i am gonna fin

  • Thirty one percent,I do get bored easily sometimes but am usually trying to keep myself occupied with adventures or being active wether it be mentally or physically. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • got 30 persent see you in 2020

    • I got 79 percent. I still think this is underestimating my boredom. I'm being serious, I'm bored more than 79% of the time. That being said, while this test might have good intention, it's most definitely complete bulls--- and only something I do in situations of "extreme boredom", which means that I've already taken it a lot of times although I don't remember the last one.

  • yep pretty much bored all the time


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