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Alright, hi! Today I will share some cool things to do when you are bored. OR BOREDOM KILLERS, OF COURSE! Anyways, hopefully, this will help and this was MY IDEA, I think Kaylah did it faster, XD, well have fun taking the quiz!


Created by: DakotaWolf_917

  1. Hey guys, today, I'll be showing a couple of boredom killers!
  2. Experiments! Experiments are a great way to cheer you up. There are a LOT of experiments to do! So pick one, do the instructions, and HAVE FUN! This will pass an hour in like 30mins!
  3. Go Outside! Going outside is also a fun way to get some energy, Like do something fun out there, get the fresh air, it just feels so nice. so going outside is a lotta fun!
  4. Exercise/Yoga! These are nice ways to both have fun, and get fit. This is one of the most popular tricks out there, so get exercising you little-
  5. Games! Games are a great way too! Play Among Us? (we all saw this coming) Minecraft,, Asphalt 8, Alpaca World (my 5 fav games) anything that strikes you fancy, do it. I mean, it's not like you're taking this for no reason. Alright, let's look at what you pick. (IM WATCHING YOU) ._.
  6. YT Videos! YT Videos are an awesome way to pass time. No matter what genre you watch (except the ones your mom will punish you for..) They are good ways!
  7. Drawing or Painting! These are spectacular ways to CURE YOUR BOREDOM. It does not matter if you do it alone, or you do it with your family, these are just good for the 2 hours.
  8. Look at memes! Browse the internet! Movie Night! TAKE QUIZZES!! TBH, I do these a lot, XD! So yeah, another way to cure your boredom, and yeah. I have nothing to say. anymore.
  9. So yeah, if you want more quizzes just rate and drop a comment about one thing that you think I might've missed and BOIIII!!!!
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