Bolton - The Coolest Town Ever

Bolton is a cool town which loads of people luurve, with so many things to do! With cool shops and amazing activities, Bolton is fabulous! It also has loads of celebrities including Peter Kay... all will be revealed!

This quiz is as fabulous as Bolton itself and will test YOUR knowledge of Bolton, its residents and much more! Find out more in the quiz which tests whether you are a Bolton whizz!

Created by: Joely
  1. What are people from Bolton called?
  2. Which of these isn't a retail park in Bolton?
  3. Which of these parks is in Bolton?
  4. Where do Bolton's football team play?
  5. Which supermarket is Bolton's football stadium adjacent to?
  6. Which of these is one of Bolton's eight townships?
  7. Which of these isn't a Bolton railway station?
  8. Where is the Cineworld Bolton?
  9. What county is Bolton in?
  10. Which of these shops cannot be found in Bolton?

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