how weymouth are you?

Are you from weymouth live here or no about it? weymo weyouth north or south east or the landing. do you know anything about your town or your friends/ family;s town? see how weymouth you are by this quiz.

Do you know your town? Do you know what it is where it is what it's called. Who lives here, ehat they do, how they live, where they "chill" what they do for fun? take this quiz and find out.

Created by: christine

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  1. What are nicknames for weymouth?
  2. what is the only camp here?
  3. what is north weymouth called?
  4. what is east weymouth called?
  5. what is south weymouth called? (even though it's gay!
  6. what is the most ghetto part of weymouth?
  7. what is the landing?
  8. wha is the most gay/ most rich part of weymouth?
  9. what is the REALLy annoying part of weymouth?
  10. where do all the ghetto kids work??
  11. where do all the north weymouth kids go to hang out?
  12. what is the best school in weymouth
  13. where do all the north weymouth kids get aressted?
  14. what is eskah?
  15. what do most kids do to get aressed there?
  16. what is north weymouth known for?

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Quiz topic: How weymouth am I?