Bleach quiz:What Muramasa from think of you?

A quiz about Muramasa, from bleach. Fan girls and fan boys if you have been wondering if he is the friend or lover for you then take this quiz. See if you have what it take to be a true soul reaper master. Quiz is for anyone to take

I know alot about bonds between soulreapers and Zanpakutos. Know I would like to see if you have what it takes to be a true friend using the most loyal zanpakuto of all, Muramasa.

Created by: Shaquana
  1. Which one of these would best describe you?
  2. If Muramasa was unable to obey one of your commands you......
  3. What would your first words to Muramasa be?
  4. What do you use Muramasa's powers for?
  5. Whats your favorite animal
  6. Don't cheat, What color are Muramasa's eyes?
  7. What do you and Muramasa do in your spare time?
  8. What type of affection would you show to Muramasa?
  9. How is your training with Murmasa?
  10. Do you like Muramasa?

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