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Hello, and welcome this has somthing to do with poisen, oh and forget the answers its abou t the story

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Created by: dark side of me

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  1. ""Past"" He held you to the ground,the needle poised for your arm. You struggled, he growled viciously "stay still" he snarled, slashing you across the cheek with the needle. You cried out in pain, stiffening. He smirked, plunging the needle into your arm. You felt the black fluid in the needle travel into your arm. "There." He said, getting off you. You couldn't move, the black fluid was invading your system, it hurt like hell. You tried to scream but your mouth wouldn't open, in fact you were paralized. Your blood went cold as the liquid- poison. The poison swam closer to your heart, you could feel it, your heart was the only thing that was alive and warm. Your heart was beating fast and hard. Actually, it was beating too fast, the poison had hit its target... You could feel your heart going cold and black, the beating slowed down.. Until it stopped. You let out a ear splitting scream...
  2. ""Present"" You woke,feeling ill and sweating so much, you felt like you were on fire. You look around,and jump up in pain and look around, at the corner of your eye, a person with a grin on his face coming towards you, your mind was having different emotions, feelings, pain and was telling you to jump up at him and kill him. You jump up and yell in pain pointing your hand out at him, you stiffen and fall on the slippery surface on the ground crying in pain, "You can't kill me we have other killings for you to do, just be patient" he started giggling and walked away feeling so delighted like the person he hates the most in the world is dead
  3. ""Present"" I woke up again, but instead of feeling pain , i feel anger and sorrow at the same time, the only pain that i could feel was the slashing of the needle on your face. You sat up and stared at the walls then walked to the mirrior, not really consentrating you turned your eyes out from the walls and stopped and stared. You could see your eyes has an open window of darkness, and tragety. your eyes were dark and red a sign of evil and demons, Your hair had gown fully black. You found a dagger from under your dress that all of the sudden appeared on you black and dark and laced. You took 3 steps back until you touched the bed and looked at the mirrior in horror and threw the dagger throughing pieces of glass, running past your body leaving cuts and bruises, making your body bleed with no pain
  4. ""present"" You slowly run down stairs holding the dress up with tears falling down off the face you could feel the anger fight off the tears, leaving a little trail of blood on the white marble stairs. Most of the cut flew onto your face and arms, they were deep, then all of a sudden my blood from the trail started sizzling up, bubbles were forming. You finally reached the end of the steps.
  5. ""Past"" The ear splitting scream stopped, you was feeling everything burn,I was in hell you sweat and sweat so much. "We've done our job" he started to give a smirk. You were about to pass out but u had enough strength to. . . . You suddenly bit his hand, Letting blood run through the gum and teeth in your mouth, Screamed out and said furiously " you stubborn little girl!! i WILL kill you" he laughed evily. He went over to a table and threw a knife into his hands, he licked his lips as he was hunting for his next meal. . .
  6. "Present" You were confused of why you were down stairs, The past came fuzzy, then a rush of a head ach came burning your head and heart, then your whole body started to fizzle and the pain and cuts were gone.You were healthy and good , Everything had gone the blood, cuts even the headache
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  10. Rate and Comment! oh and i tried really hard for this i stayed up all night
  11. Rate and Comment! oh and i tried really hard for this i stayed up all night

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