What Black Butler Character Are You?

There Are Many Charcaters In Black Butler, (im sorry they are not all in the quiz) Have You Ever Wondered What One You Are??? If So, Please Take My Awesome Quiz. Comment Please!

Taking This Quiz Will Help You Determine What Black Butler Character You Are! I Reply To ALL Comments So Dont Be Afraid To Post One!! ;) BEING HONEST HELPS ACCURATE RESULTS lol

Created by: MoonFox
  1. Welcome To My Quiz! First Off, Do You Have A Favorite Character?
  2. Arnt They Just Awesome? Okay, Do You Have A Least Favorite Character?
  3. Do You Have A Favorite Color? (Me: *slowly edges away*)
  4. Lets Say You Work For The Phantomhives, What Would Be Your Ideal Payment?
  5. I See... What Is Your Additude?
  6. Are You Much Of A Fangirl/Fanboy??
  7. What Would Be Your Weapon Of Choice??? ( Im SO Sorry If They Are Too Obvious :( )
  8. Your Favorite Animal?
  9. Did You Like My Quiz?? (No Effect)
  10. ByeByes! ;)

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Quiz topic: What Black Butler Character am I?