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  • Black Butler Quiz
    Your Result: Sabastian 78%

    You are the demon butler of Earl Ciel Phantomhive. After you help him get his revenge on the person who killed his parents, you will gladly take his soul.

    I got Sebastian! Even though the creator spelt it wrong, I got my favorite character of all anime that ever existed!

    Draco Michaelis
  • Kinda good...I got ciel!YaY!!! But you could easily tell which answers went with which character. You should try being more descreet about the answers' variety.

  • I created the quiz i try to make them obvious and I agree Mythologyfreak Hoh Hoh Hoh

    High Counsilor
  • nice i got sebastian!!! he's the best!!!!!! and i love the random 'hoh, hoh, hoh' by tanaka. he's just cute. :)


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