Bird quiz can you sucseed

birds are one of natures animals that you you have heard of but are you a birdbrain or a extreme bird expert that memorizes your bird facts in sleep.

but are you a total bird guy?do you have what it takes to fly with the amazing falcons?or are you extinct?ill say this is'nt a very hard quiz that you will easily fail

Created by: qwertyuiop
  1. what is the slowest flying bird
  2. what bird than ben franklin want to be Americas bird
  3. what bird is the smartest one i listed
  4. why do dodos eat rocks
  5. what bird is one of the heaviest owl
  6. what is the fastest bird [it needs the right MPH]
  7. how many hours does it take for a poorwill to restore there normal body temperature after they hibernate
  8. free to refresh your brain
  9. free time ended
  10. how many MPH could a pigeon fly
  11. BYE

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Quiz topic: Bird quiz can I sucseed