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BIODIVERSITY STRESS QUIZ is a very basic and general review of how good you really are understanding life, animals, organisms and of course our own species.

This quiz will take you from wild to wildest, deep to deepest, strange to awsome. You will be challenged, and cornered and double checked in you beliefs.

Created by: Jean Thomas Bujard

  1. How many living species have we catalogued until now?
  2. How many species do we expect to be living on planet Earth?
  3. Can fishes fly?
  4. How heavy is a koala?
  5. Why is the Galapagos cormorant flightless?
  6. The largest flying bird?
  7. Marsupials are ...
  8. Captain Cousteau's emblematic ship
  9. How large is the largest fish?
  10. Zebras stripes:
  11. How many hours do cats sleep?
  12. Can monkeys swim?
  13. What is the average depth of all seas and oceans?
  14. Could a today living giant Galapagos tortoise have met Charles Darwin?
  15. How long can a land iguana stay below surface?
  16. How long can a Galapagos marine iguana stay below surface?
  17. Can a reptile walk on water?
  18. How old is the eldest known tree?
  19. How many meters of rain can fall each year on the upper Amazon?
  20. Year of the last known wolf attack on man in Europe?
  21. What is the basic food source of sperm whales?
  22. Fastest animal:
  23. Do we have more domestic ...
  24. What is the lowest price of a male guppy fish for your aquarium?
  25. Which is more expensive, per gram?
  26. Man's underwater record without breathing?

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