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  • I find it so brilliant how you transformed this story, and how much your writing has improved. I mean, you've always been able to put up a heart-pounding plot and you've always been able to make us fall in love with any guy you focus the story on, but when it comes to grammar and actual story-telling, I'll say you've made the best improvement. I mean, looking back at They Love Me, and reading this now, I was almost dumbfounded. Your writing has just gotten soooo good.

    As for the question, I'm sort of stuck in the middle, leaning a little bit towards Alex now for that cocky part towards the end that we haven't heard in a while. :P

    He's so charming..

  • And I just read part 24 today XD Whoa, Lady Kora, come on... we just ridded the world of Oath and Zathara, must you do this? LOL I love Sarah's question about her dress, and Gumbo in a suit X) *starts drooling at Cole* oh *closes mouth* no one saw anything XP banter between Alex and Christopher, so cute. Awhh Gritzo's grown on me... I'm visiting every weekend, and you can't stop me Dannica! XP eh... wait, going up against the creator of the story? Not smart of me XD

    Oh, don't worry about people not liking Christopher, there are some die-hard Christopher fans but I guess they're not here yet. I've always liked Alex, but when Christopher came in, I had the hardest time ever deciding to stick with Alex... I mostly- mostly have made up my mind on Alex because I'm just always attracted to flirty guys and he's cocky and confident, but sweet too :3

  • I still haven't decided :P

    They;re just so different, and I think that it would be impossible to just simply choose which one you like better. I know one thing is for sure, though, and that is that Sarah and Cole are the cutest things EVER. And Sarah is just in denial and they're so very cute, aw. And I'm excited to see how you pair up Bella and Ash, if you still decide to do that. And ALSO, I'm eagerly awaiting the different endings you have in plan for us. I love this, and I love Gritzo, and I'm with @xxblutixx when I say I'm visiting him and Baby Rock every weekend!

  • @Dannica Since you just got this out today, I assume you're still checking this comment page? I hope so because with summer being here and all, I'd really like to get the process started about those story mash-ups... check angelic4's quiz comments again and email me please?

  • I like both the boys but...I love Christofer.and no one in the world can change my love for one!and I feel so sad that I don't remember our beautiful past..but hey,I've got the present with Chris in it and I don't want anything else.just his presense makes me feel like my life is worth's heartbreaking that he is not real*sigh*

  • WHOO! First comment! :D

    I don't like Christopher because you put Alex first and I liked him. c: I just didn't switch over. Alex is super cocky, but cute. Plus the black hair, blue eyes is hot. ;D He reminds me of Alec from a t.v. show I loved.

  • Ohhh, pretty =) It's not taht I don't like Christofer, I just like Alex better. I don't know, maybe it's because Christofer erased my memory without my permission? I get that it was to save me, but that would have ticked me off in real life.

  • gasp, um, I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THE TWO GUYS! they're so cute when they fight over me... (probably won't happen in real life) bruh, the chemistry is way too good between us, that i can't even find anything wrong! i'll be reading somebody special and they love me right after i'm done reading this one!

  • Whoa whoa who was badmouthinh my Christofer, freakin haters -.-' I've alway been a Christosaur and will always will be, Commited for life, i like Alex just that Christofer stole my heart and wont give it back

  • I LOVE CHRISTOFER. lol i saw that and i vowed to comment on this one. But I think that Christofer is just so caring and committed and loyal to me and not to mention he is CUTEEE. well, how i pictured it, lol. And I like Alex too, it's just that idk i just find christofer more attracting :P

  • love it.. cant wait for part 26. well, i'm officially torn between both guys. both of them are just so cute, which makes me sad that i couldnt find anyone like them in my neighbourhood. but i think i like alex better. though, i still like christopher..

  • -This was amazing, your amazing- Next part!! I can't wait for it!! The ball.

  • Can't wait for part 26! I can't answer the question of the day because I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! I just... I'll never ever make up my mind, ok?


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