Beatles Poem/Song Contest

A lightbulb just went off in my head!! I had a great idea for a song contest! You can write a poem too. It os all about the Beatles, after all I am obsessed :)

So the entries are due October 5. There will be 1 grand prize winner and 4 second place. Everyone gets own quiz dedicated about them. Grand prize willow be mentioned in lots of my quizzes!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed

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  1. Hey peeps!
  2. So I had a great idea!!!
  3. You make a poem or song about the Beatles!! How awesome is that??
  4. It can be about one of the Beatles... but you have a greater chance of winning of ir is about all of them
  5. Submit them by October 5 2012. The sooner the better though!
  6. There are 5 winners! Each winner will have 1 quiz dedicated to them!!
  7. There will be one grand prize winner who will be mentioned in AT LEAST 2 quizzes.
  8. The entries will be judged on by grammar, spelling, facts, humor, and good poetic build. ( or good song building)
  9. The winner will be announced in a seperate quiz October 6.
  10. Trivia!! When is John Lennon's birthday?

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