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This Quiz is about the Popular Series The Hunger Games Written by Suzanne Collins. You should only take this quiz if you read the book or seen the movie! It is only about the First Book/Movie!

Are YOU a Hunger Games Expert? Do you know the first Book/Movie Inside and out? Until now You truly did not know for sure. Your friends might have said it but are they right. Thanks to this quiz you can know now for sure!!

Created by: Abster81

  1. What is Katniss's Favorite Color?
  2. What is Peeta's Favorite Color?
  3. What District Does Katniss and Peeta Live In?
  4. Where Does Effie Live?
  5. What is Haymitch Addicted To?
  6. How Old was Rue when she Entered the Hunger Games?
  7. How Old Was Prim when She was Called at The Reaping?
  8. What addition of The Hunger Games was it when Prim was Reaped?
  9. Who was Katniss's Ally in Her First Hunger Games?
  10. What did Katniss Do at The End of Her First Hunger Games?

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