Basic Horse Quiz

Horses are easy to learn about, with patience and trust you'll have an amazing bond with a large fluffy buddy! Do you think you know a lot about your fluffy companions species? Find out!

Do you really know lots about that giant lovable equine partner? He/she sure hopes you do! Learn more about your horse or see how much you know to make your relationship easier and fun!

Created by: Emily

  1. What is the triangle in the center of a horses hoof?
  2. What is a two beat gate a horse makes?
  3. What is a two beat gate a horse makes?
  4. What 1 color can Friesians be?
  5. When a horse is angry it will....
  6. When horses are impatient they.....
  7. What is the strongest aid to use on a horse?
  8. What are the main brushes used on a horse?
  9. A Baby horse with an undefined gender is called.....
  10. A Neutered Male horse is called......

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