Ballet History and Terminology Test+

This is a 60-question exam, designed to test your knowledge of ballet history and terminology. This test also includes some extra interesting trivia questions! This test may prove to be very hard!

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! I am always open to the ideas of others. :) Also, should you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Created by: G.

  1. What Is Classical Ballet?
  2. How Many Different Styles of Ballet Are There?
  3. What are The Styles of Ballet?
  4. What Are The Methods of Classical Ballet?
  5. Give An Example of A Neoclassical Method of Ballet?
  6. Where Did Classical Ballet Originate?
  7. In What Century(s) Did Classical Ballet Begin to Develop
  8. List Some Examples of Composers of Classical Ballet Music
  9. List Some Examples of Classical Ballet Choreographers:
  10. A Plié Is A:
  11. How Many Types of Pliés Are There?
  12. To Battement Tendu Is To:
  13. En Croix Is:
  14. A Movement to The Back Is Done:
  15. A Battement Is A:
  16. What Are The Types of Battements?
  17. A Travelling Step Sideways Is Done:
  18. To Sauté Is To:
  19. Effacé:
  20. What Are Pointe Shoes?
  21. To Fouetté Is To:
  22. How does a battement fondu compare and contrast with a plié?
  23. Who In Ballet History Had A Sister Named Bronislava?
  24. What Was The First Classical Ballet School Ever Founded?
  25. Sur Le Cou De Pied Is:
  26. How Long Is A Typical Warm-Up Classical Ballet Class In A Professional Company?
  27. What Is The Purpose of A Classical Ballet Bun?
  28. Before Advancing To Pointework, It Is Crucial That Ballet Dancers Have Correct:
  29. En L'air:
  30. Arrondi:
  31. À Terre:
  32. What Are The Different Ways To Perform Cou De Pied?
  33. Battement Cloche Is A:
  34. Turnout:
  35. A Cabriole Is:
  36. A Promenade Is A:
  37. A Cabriole Is A:
  38. A Coda Is A:
  39. "...So beautiful it makes me want to cry" Is Said By:
  40. What Are The 8 Body Positions In Classical Ballet?
  41. What Is The Railing Used By Ballet Dancers To Perform WarmUp Exercises?
  42. Allegro Means:
  43. What Are Some Examples of Jumps?
  44. What Steps Is Allegro Comprised Of?
  45. Écarté Means:
  46. Épaulement Means:
  47. To Travel En Manège Is To:
  48. What Is The Typical Progression of Exercises At The Barre?
  49. What Is The Typical Progression of Exercises In The Centre?
  50. What Was The Name of The Russian Method Utilized Prior to The Vaganova Method
  51. Who Was The Vaganova Method Developed By?
  52. What Is An Example of A Classical Ballet Piece of Music?
  53. What Are Some Examples of Famous Classical Ballets?
  54. Who Was The Author of The Book (Basic Principles of Classical Ballet)?
  55. What Is An Example of A Neoclassical Ballet?
  56. What Is The Typical Ballet Physique?
  57. Montre Sur Le Pointes Translates To:
  58. Piqué Means:
  59. What Should Ballet Dancers Never Do To Their Feet?
  60. How Long Is A Typical Day For A Professional Classical Ballet Dancer?

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