Automobile Names

This is a fun trivia quiz about one of my favorite subjects - Cars - Yes I am a "Motor Head" and was just playing around on a Sunday morning and put this silly thing together

If you want to take this quick quiz please do, however keep in mind that this is not going to tax your brain. It may tax your memory and show your age

Created by: Ken

  1. Who made the Monza
  2. Who made the Valiant
  3. Who made the Vega
  4. Who made the Imperial
  5. Who made the Silver Shadow
  6. Who made the 240Z
  7. What country makes the Alpha Romeo
  8. What country is the Citroen from
  9. Who makes the Tucson
  10. Who made the famous "Gull Wing"
  11. What auto company made the GTO
  12. Tough one! What does MG stand for
  13. OK How about the DB in the Aston Martin DB-5 (think 007)
  14. Who makes the Passat
  15. Who made the Pacer
  16. What country made the failed DeLorean
  17. What was Lee Iacocca famous for
  18. What does the "B" stand for in BMW

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