The History of the Automobile

I created this quiz for a website I am creating for my digital humanities class at The University of Tulsa. My site is about energy and how switching to EV Vehicles would help our society!

I though adding some fun stuff on my site for readers to do would make the site more fun! So I made this quiz to text peoples level of intelligence on automobile history!

Created by: Stephanie Smith

  1. What was the first engined powered by?
  2. What model of car was the first to hit assembly line production in the United States?
  3. Who invented the first road vehicle?
  4. What does the word automobile mean?
  5. When was the first four wheeled automobile created?
  6. When we started making cars were where the engines located?
  7. When gasoline cars first came out were they very popular?
  8. Who is Henry Ford?
  9. Who was the first person in the world to get into a motor vehicle accident?
  10. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci drew up the first plans ever for an electric vehicle?

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