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So this is just a simple quiz about Attack on Titan! If you can't complete it than say bye bye! So enjoy and just have a bit of fun for me will you! K

ENJOY IT WHILST IT LASTS!!!I'm shocked...JUST TAKE THE QUIZ WOULD YOU? So just read the questions and have a bit of fun. That's all and then see your results!

Created by: Tracey-Drew

  1. What does mikasa wear
  2. What can Eren Turn into
  3. What's Erens Last name
  4. What are the wings of The scouts called?
  5. Who is known as 'Potato Girl' ?
  6. So only 5 more to go! What is the Leader of the 'Levi' Squad called?
  7. C'mon this is easy what is Levis surname
  8. Three more! Okay so what is Levi obsessed with?
  9. 2 More so Be honest Do you like this quiz?
  10. Last one! Who was being bullied in episode one season one?
  11. Tricked you BONUS!!! Who is your favourite

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