Atoms and Ions and Isotopes Oh My!

The study of matter is the essence of Chemistry. Knowing atomic structure and the differences between ions, atoms and isotopes is an essential foundation to the topics covered this year.

Just because you recently had a test on this information does not mean you can forget it. We will be building on this stuff for the rest of the year. So keep your skills sharp!

Created by: Kropa 1

  1. what is the atomic number of Carbon?
  2. The mass number of Calcium is...
  3. Li+ and Cu +2 are ...
  4. F- has one ______ electron than F.
  5. Cu-64 and Cu-65 are ______________ of copper.
  6. How many protons, neutrons and electrons does Iron (Fe), have?
  7. How many protons, neutrons and electrons does Al+3 have?
  8. How many protons, neutrons and electrons does Phosphorous with a minus 3 charge have?
  9. What is a charged particle called?
  10. A cation is a postitive ion and has____________protons than electrons.
  11. which element has an atomic number of ten and an atomic mass of 20.180?
  12. Rutherford discovered the ____________ using the gold foil experiment.
  13. Thomson used the ____________ to discover the electron.
  14. the modern atomic theory is also called the ______________ model.
  15. Fe+2 and Fe+3 are the same element, but have different amounts of ______________.

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