At what age will you have your first child?

There are many people ready for kids at their giving ages, but very few know what age they'll have their bundle of joy at. This quiz is designed to help you determine at about what age you'll have your very first child...

Are YOU ready for a kid at the age you're at now? Or what about between 21-25? Or 25 and up? Maybe even NOT AT ALL? Take this quiz to determine your scores...

Created by: Brianna
  1. At the age you're at now.. Are you ready for a child?
  2. If you or your significant other got pregnant... Would you be ready?
  3. What do you want your first child to be?
  4. If your boyfriend/girlfriend asked if you were ready for a child now, what would you say?
  5. Would you want 12 kids?
  6. If you or your significant other got pregnant would you.....?
  7. What kind of parent would you be?
  8. Would you be the....?
  9. What would you want your child to do in the near future?
  10. Are you going to post your results at the end of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: At what age will I have my first child?