Are you a Zaylee kid?

My current girlfriend is named Baylee. We wrote this quiz together because we wanted to see who our children are. We are both ace/panro. I'm agender and female and she's a piece of cake and female. We love each other very much. - Zoe

"Alright so this is my half. Baylee's half. So this is a quiz to determine if you could be a Zaylee child. (Child of me and Zoe) answer truthfully!" - Baylee

Created by: ZMKF of Hungergamessin
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  1. Do you watch Parks and Rec(reation)? If not, would you be willing to watch it if I recommended it? - Zoe
  2. R U A PINEAPPLE!?! - Baylee
  3. Do you watch Black Butler? If not, would you be willing to watch it if I recommended it? (Baylee recommended it to me.) - Zoe
  4. What is your favorite food? Baylee's is French fries, and mine is...anything Italian, Mexican/Cuban, or used as dessert. Food is very important in this household. - Zoe
  5. Favorite flavor of ice cream? - Baylee
  6. What color hair do you have? - Zoe
  7. What Hogwarts House are you in? - Baylee
  8. What does the word "crazy" mean to you? - Zoe
  9. What career would you like to have as an adult (or sooner)? - Baylee
  10. Are you knowledgable of the Hungergamessin fandom?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Zaylee kid?