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  • WTH, I'll bet the author wouldn't be able to answer all these questions right. I've only read the main series, but even so. Who would remember "answer number five in a word search". Seriously. I guess I'm just very frustrated....

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  • you know artemis fowl 69%

    holy cow you are awesome you still need to study some more but i admit it you are pretty good and that means a lot coming from me

    Actually, some of the questions had no right answers, maybe you have different copys of the books...Also, Eoin's first son is Sean - his second is Finn. You also missed out two words in the song. It goes, "something wicked this way comes, I think it's time we got the pleasentries over with, my nemisis....". Still an AWESOME quiz, and ARTEMIS FOWL ROCKS!!!! I've memorised gnommish, centaurean, and eternity code. Also when someone asks my IQ I say "68 points below Artemis Fowl's". Also, yesterday, I write on a white board, "Artemis Fowl

  • mmmfffff.... I took a look at this and decided not to come back until I reread everything ten times lol

  • 19 darn


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