artemis fowl impossible quiz

there are many people who can say they read the best selling series Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer but very few who can say their experts on the series that know every minor detail

take this quiz to find out if you can say your an expert it has questions from all seven books and questions from the Artemis fowl files and the graphic novel the two songs and th upcoming movie and eoin colfer and the two short stories

Created by: artemis fowl

  1. in the Artemis fowl files what is the answer to question five in the word search
  2. in the graphic novel how many images of Holly's shower are there
  3. in Artemis fowl how does holly first attempt to mesmerize Juliet
  4. what is the 30th letter along the bottom of book two
  5. what is the last word written in the eternity code story
  6. in the opal deception who does Artemis disguise himself as
  7. what does it relate no1 arms to in the lost colony
  8. what color are Artemis's boxers in the time paradox
  9. in which book/books was Artemis mind wiped
  10. how many LEPrecon officers are there flying above the meeting in the Atlantis complex
  11. what makes the song Complex:Atlantis disturbing
  12. "something wicked this way comes"
  13. what did eoin colfer say about the upcoming movie
  14. what is eoin colfers oldest son's name
  15. what color was the campers bar code in LEPrecon
  16. what is the first thing mulch diggums says in the seventh dwarf

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