Are yu a human?

why are idk okay baraa zay idk cooies human icecream okay hi bye idk help me wat is this byeeez ppl o Idk this is a stupid part so I am writing anything

Hahagah okay what is this help me ppl I'm on crack & suicidal idk how did this why is this I think I am drunk & gonna die or kill my self hahah okay byeez

Created by: Zainah
  1. Do yu ever feel guilty?
  2. Should everyone have second chances?
  3. Do yu like music?
  4. Do yu think SpongeBob is cool?
  5. Are yu an alien?
  6. Do yu like Nutella?
  7. Why are yu taking this quiz?
  8. Do yu ever get horny?
  9. Ever fought with someone yu really like?
  10. Barcelona or Real madrid?

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