Are You Vernich Party Worthy?

In the midst of early 21st century upheaval, a mysterious party is growing in power. Such power in that there is now a shortage in manpower and this quiz will be used as our recruiting tool.

Are you worthy of membership in the glorious Vernich Party? Take this quiz to find out whether or not you can participate in the cleansing of heathens, or be a victim of it.

Created by: Gian Batayola

  1. Do you support complete totalitarianism?
  2. Do you self depreciate?
  3. Do you have mental illness?
  4. Do you enjoy dank memes?
  5. Do you enjoy irony?
  6. Do you follow the ideals of grandmaster Nietzsche?
  7. Do you listen to Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal?
  8. What do you think of the LGBT community?
  9. Diversity = kill crakkka?
  10. Views on p---ography?

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Quiz topic: Am I Vernich Party Worthy?