Are you ugly normal or hot in your future GIRL'S ONLY!

Hey find out if your smart or a goof i mean ugly or normal. you thought you were hot well taking this quiz you could finnaly find out that you a goof i mean ugly. or you could have thought you were ugly but found out that you were extreamly hot i donno what you will get but YOU will find out!

Are you hot? or are you normal? no wait or are you ugly? find out now! You need the looks and in just a few minuets you will find out if you will be hot normal or ugly in the futre so start clicking now hurry up.

Created by: zere
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you going to be wearing the folling or not? (5 years later)
  2. Do you have a boyfriend and how many have you had in the past?
  3. Skin colour?
  4. Hair colour? (natrully)
  5. How fat are you?
  6. do you have a lisp?
  7. braces in five years?
  8. weight?
  9. dirty teeth?
  10. what do people think of you?

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Quiz topic: Am I ugly normal or hot in my future GIRL'S ONLY!