Are you ugly? Hot? or Pretty?

Do you want to know if your ugly, pretty, or hot. Obviously, you may think you not ugly, or ugly, and i want to prove you wrong (or right).Wish for a good result!

So, ARE you ugly, pretty, or hot? Take this quize to find out. Note that this quiz is only for fun, it cannot prove more than your result. So, chill if you got a bad one.

Created by: amanda
  1. What is your favorite face feature?
  2. How bout your favorite body feature?
  3. So, its morning! You wake up and put on your clothes, what do you wear?
  4. Now, you go in the bathroom to do you hair, what do you do?
  5. Its time for skin care, so you:
  6. Then, you move on to makeup, what do you do?
  7. at night, you take a shower/bath, or do you?
  8. When you shower or bath, what do you use?
  9. At night, you also...
  10. Do you paint you nails?
  11. Do you have piercings?
  12. How much do you weight
  13. Do you watch fashion news, buy magazines, watch runway shows, read beauty blogs?
  14. How hight are you
  15. So, what are your imperfections?
  16. what is you face's bone structure?
  17. Do guys like you?
  18. Have you ever been called pretty from people other than your mom/dad, their friends?

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Quiz topic: Am I ugly? Hot? or Pretty?