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  • 58% Transgender? Lol, I'm honestly a bit of a tomboy, yeah. But I'd never survive as a dude ( if I began to sing random things the way I do, ppl would think I am psycho) xD

  • You are 56% transgender! 56%

    For the most part, you're transgender! You'd do quite well as a boy. You'd definitely fit in - that's for sure! You've probably been recognized as the "girl-boy", "tomboy", or the "son we never had"... And that's OK!*DISCLAIMER: these results are not professional. To get a real diagnosis, talk to a therapist or doctor*

    I don't want a therapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist stahp telling me I need oneeeeeeeeeee. *whining a LOT*

    • seriously, dude(I'm using this as a gender-neutral term, but if you want to be a boy, you should take it as a male trerm!), you gotta get a therapist or doctor or something! I mean, I've seen your comments elsewhere and you seem kind of like you need a LOT of help! Also, venting is good for your health, whine all you want!

  • me: being dysphoric and taking quizzes to see i i'm valid enough to be trans

  • *gets 68%, probably trans*
    me: but like, I might not be tho...

  • most of these questions have nothing to do with being trans lmao