Are you totally crazy?

Many times people say, "you're nuts!", or, "You so crazy!" Are they on to something? Or are they just kidding? Ever wonder? Let's find out! In just a short while, find out if you have a while, or are you a ticking time bomb waiting to explode?

Crazy mutha ______! Dude, you're scaring me! Sound familiar? If so, this quiz is for you! Find out in no time if you have much time! Will you be Hangin' loose (GOOD) or Loosely hangin' (BAD). Maybe you'll be a cool dude until you die. Maybe your wife will open the garage door one afternoon to find you hangin' from a rafter! FIND OUT!

Created by: cj of this site
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  1. Do you use blinkers?
  2. Do you listen to loud music while driving?
  3. Do you make faces when others aren't lookin'?
  4. Do you have sounds for answers?
  5. Are you nervous right now?
  6. Do you dis-like your job?
  7. Do you often say, "Oh, I thought you said something else."?
  8. Are you slightly flustered by this quiz?
  9. Are you wearing underwear?
  10. Do you laugh out loud by yourself?

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Quiz topic: Am I totally crazy?