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  • Hi all! I got Obese! I am only 13 and I weigh 436. I know I should lose weight, but I love my big belly, fat rolls and 4 chins. I can literally stick my thick math book in my fat rolls! My only problem is I get teases a lot in school, especially because I take up two chairs inclass, and when I change in the locker room, people will tease me and poke my stomach:( I love my fat, but others don't:( what do I do?

    • Power through theyre just jealous

      Fatty Teen
  • Your Result: Obese 86%

    Woah! Don't squish me fatty!! I'm just joking. But seriously, you are really unhealthy and might want to consider eating better and hitting the gym. It will make you a happier person overall and improve your life. I'm almost obese myself.. I'm about 10 pounds away.. D:

    27% Overweight
    12% Normal
    12% Chubby
    0% Underweight

    I know I am fat for a 12 year old I am 12 and weigh around 250

    Kaleidoscope 28
  • I'm aware that I am obese! I'm 13, 5'4, 220 pounds, and 45 inches around. I love my belly though! It's so much fun to play with! Popping buttons is the best and watching the numbers on the scale go up is so fun! My belly doesnt sag, it just sticks right out and is starting to say the slightest bit. I want it to flop on my lap (mid thigh, almost to knees.) Being fat is the best!! Happy gaining!!

    Fatty Jazzi
  • Ahem. Excuse me. Let me quote someone great. "There's no such thing as fat." I eat a LOT, like Niall from One Direction and I'm not fat at all. That word doesn't exist in my dictionary. It never registers. Never make a quiz like this. It's completely disrespectful. Do you know that it can hurt people's feelings? "Fat" is a an ingredient used in oil, cheese, butter, etc. That's fat. Not a person's weight. Weight has NOTHING to do with fat. No one is fat. Everyone is beautiful. DISRESPECT. There is no such thing as normal either. Normal is a word to describe people who stare at the earth for continuous hours. Are YOU normal? Please respect my rant and never make a quiz like this again. I am sorry for being rude but it's completely ridiculous. Buh bye, thank you x (:

    Have a nice day

    • It isn't meant to be serious, if you read "Ashley719"s comment you would understand. Stop taking it so seriously dude, if you don't like it you shouldn't have been here in the first place. All the other comments aren't people being upset so chill.

  • Mine is true I just got told not to squash someone with my fat. If u r fat too u will know what I go through getting stuck in small places and having to go into women's clothes size 14 when I am only 13 5'5 and 145 lbs. I can't fit into aged 16 kids clothes cause I can't fasten buttons on them. I would probably squash u if we were to go through a double door at the same time. My belly is 108 cm so give me your opinion please and advice

  • Ok look.. If you're going to be offended by a quiz that tells you your weight, DON'T TAKE THE QUIZ!! I can make this quiz if I want, it's not my fault it insulted you, you're the one who took it. And It's an online quiz. Almost no online quizzes are very accurate. and I never said this was accurate. If you already know you're skinny, why would you take this quiz and rant on it? Js.. it doesn't make sense to me. You may not want to make a quiz like this, but I do.. and don't tell me otherwise. Have a nice day! :)

  • What Aria said. I'm not fat. I'm skinny. I'm 15 and weigh 104. My doctors keep on telling me that I'm underweight. And I know that I am but I can't gain any weight. Which is why when you asked how much I eat in a day, I choose the 8+ answer because it's true. You can be skinny like me and eat what as much as you want because you have a high metabolism, like me.

  • I got overweight! Although id classify myself as chubby, I guess everybodys got different standards. I weigh 165 pounds, have a 36 inch belly and im loving it!

  • Okay so I have a weird problem. I know the health hazards of belly fat but I think my belly fat is cute and I want to gain more!!! What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?!?!!?!?!?

    • Gain until you are about to have big health issues/when you want to stop. I

  • i'm 13 obese and i wants to get more fat!


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